Open Hacks

This is the first batch of open hacks that we are allowed to share across communities. If you haven’t been part of the hacking session and wonder what this is all about: you can read an introduction on culture hacking here. Also, if you want to contribute another hack, just click the ‘Register’ button below the table to set up a user account for you (read also: how to edit hacks). Now enjoy and get inspired!

ImageThe HackShort DescriptionTagsHackegoryContributor
My Spouse Needs …How Philippe Starck forces clients to be more empathetic, , hacker_person, Philippe Starck, 'Star' Designer
Badges as a way of …How GDS uses badges ..., , , , , , hacker_person, Unknown, Unknown
Fake Press ReleaseFake Press Release IHow a cheeky innovation team shook up its sluggish management., , , , , hacker_person, Anonymous, Innovation 'Department' Team
Intrapreneur Wanted (© 2015, Board of Innovation)The ‘Find the Intrapreneur’ Anti-AdHow to find the right people to run your innovation programhacker_person, Board of Innovation, Innovation Consultant
Book ClubBook ClubHow to make people interested in innovation one step at a time, , , , , , hacker_person, Anonymous, CEO
Kick-in-the-ButtHow spending money increases your comittment to innovation work, hacker_person, Anonymous, CEO
Smoke GrenadeDistracting the troublemaker = making the team work well, , , , , hacker_person, Anonymous, HCD Innovation Facilitator
Pot Sight (exemplary image)Pot SightIf the engineers refuse to look at your insights, bring them to a place were they can't avoid them, , , , , hacker_person, Unkown, Senior Business Anthropologist
My Sapce Is Your SpaceMy Space is Your SpaceHow a top manager serves as a role model and clears his own office for his' team innovation work, , , , hacker_person, Dirk Weimann, Head of Portfolio Strategy & Market Research
Curbside ConsultantsCurbside ConsultantsA phone support hotline to help novice teams in their 'design thinking' innovation work, , , , , , , , hacker_person, Christi Zuber, Director of Innovation Consultancy
Watch And Learn LunchDesign Thinking Cinema: User Testing Watch & LunchHow a 'watch and learn' user testing lunch convinced skeptical engineers, , , , , , , hacker_person, Laura (Fidelity), Unknown
hacker_person, Alex (Fidelity), Unknown

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