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Hack Challenge

In the early 2000’s, a newly established user insights team at a very tech(-push)-driven company tried to convince the powerful engineers that the tech dev roadmap they were focusing on, did not take into account changing consumers behaviors and the looming shift to mobile. Chips needn’t be faster anymore, they would have to save energy and develop less heat. They tried to prove their points by sending them beautifully designed PPTs via the intranet. The engineers couldn’t care less. Then they tried to put summaries of the insights on the engineers’ black boards. Again they refused to read it and complained about an intrusion into an space that was reserved for ‘technical knowledge exchange’ only. They wouldn’t even bother to read anything the new team tried to make palatable to them.

Hack Description

In their desperation, the insights team knew no other help than putting the insights to a place were the reluctant engineers couldn’t escape from. They literally put them their insights summary posters in front of the pot. In other words, they attached them to their lavatory doors.

Hack Outcome / Effects

They surely weren’t amazed by that perky move but it worked. It was hard to refuse exposure to the material in these ‘moments of silence’.


United States


★★★★☆ (Very Radical)

Innovation Barriers Adressed




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