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Hack Challenge

The company was not in need for innovation for over 30 years. Their whole organization design and mindset was geared towards execution. And, even though, the management encouraged everyone to spent more time on exploration work, people didn’t do it. In this company culture it was just hard to find time for that if there was no sense of urgency, meaning you weren’t forced to do it.

Hack Description

They had to trick themselves. By spending money on external partners to be the ones who kick them into the butt (deadlines, lacking homework, etc.) they had their ‘urgency’. Why? Because it costs a large amount of money. And if it costs money, they had to it.

Hack Outcome / Effects

They are still pushed forward by external consultancies and are happy with it. Finally some innovation work gets done …




★☆☆☆☆ (Not at all Radical)

Innovation Barriers Adressed


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