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Hacker Name & Organization:

Anonymous, Innovation 'Department' Team

(Organization: Anoymous)

Hack Challenge

Although its business model was under heavy attack from start-up companies, the sedately management of an incumbent company in a mature industry would deny any threat. Against the perception of basically every employee they claimed no challenger would be able to conquer their market space and there would be no need for innovation beyond incremental.

Hack Description

The company’s under-financed, under-staffed innovation unit thought differently: if things would go on as they did in the past, their jobs would be at danger. Thus they faked a press release drawing up a disruption scenario happening today, which was only realistic ten years from now.

Hack Outcome / Effects

The management believed it though and got totally agitated. They made the press release an internal issue and tried to get even the earliest prototypes from R&D ready for a presentation at the next trade fair. They always claimed ‘there was nothing to fear’, yet they panicked and tried to ‘at least set sth. against this new disruptive offering’ in customers and public perception. Once the innovation team resolved their plot they were very upset and thought about either firing the whole team, or providing them with more resources. They decided for the latter.


United States


★★★★★ (Extremely Radical)

Innovation Barriers Adressed


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