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Hacker Name & Organization:

Laura (Fidelity), Unknown
Alex (Fidelity), Unknown

(Organization: Fidelity)

Hack Challenge

The very tech-driven engineers at the company did not understand the value of qualitative user-testing nor to speak of empathy techniques. They believed in ‘big data’ rather than ‘thick data’ and wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice any time outside their normal schedules for training measures or trying it out themselves.

Hack Description

We all love a good and free lunch, don’t we? Engineers are not different. Thus the innovation team invited resistant engineering teams to show up for free meal within their regular lunch break time. While eating they could watch a design thinking facilitator and witness how he guided an invited user through a project to get feedback on and how he documented his findings in the end.

Hack Outcome / Effects

Most of the skeptical engineers gained a better understanding of the value of user-insights through a very low stake intro. They have a ‘first feeling’ for the different kind of data that is collected and how it can complement their ‘big data’ efforts.


★☆☆☆☆ (Not at all Radical)

Innovation Barriers Adressed


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