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Hacker Name & Organization:

Christi Zuber, Director of Innovation Consultancy

(Organization: Kaiser Permanente)

Hack Challenge

The company had a small and highly successful innovation unit. Its team ran many trainings and performed project support for other teams in the organization. The problem was: once they dissembled the innovation coach-team constellations, teams were on their own and the innovation unit was way too small to provide additional post training or project accompaniment. They needed a simple yet inexpensive way to support more people in their innovation and design efforts.

Hack Description

The team created so-called ‘curbside consultants’. These are experts who support individuals during one hour (1×15 min) between 11-12 PM every Friday. Interested people can easily book them online. They also got well promoted through internal newsletters and internal word of mouth. Every Friday session was and still is staffed by two experts.

Hack Outcome / Effects

The measure clearly improved the ease of access to the innovation unit. It reduced the hassle factor of reaching experts. More people felt supported and it provided a window into broader organization and employee needs.


★☆☆☆☆ (Not at all Radical)

Innovation Barriers Adressed


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